Ms. Himani Gauri

Ms. Himani Gauri works as a Marketing Consultant for the Delhi NCR zone and has been looking after the healthcare professionals as well as the hospitals and Nursing Homes. She is highly experienced and very approachable. She is always keen to provide help and services and is an asset for the The ...

S. Basant Singh

S. Basant Singh is the Head of the IT Department. He manages the website admin, Backend Database, Email Accounts,and Graphics work. He has very good experience in website management and E-commerce stores and Graphics Design. The Healthcare Professionals team feels happy to work with him. Thanks

Ms. Megha Goyal

Ms. Megha Goyal Ms. Megha Goyal is the HR Head (Delhi NCR zone). She has a background in management. She has been excellently coordinating with our marketing team, doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals along with the hospitals, nursing homes and home care services.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

Mr. Neeraj Sharma Mr. Neeraj Sharma, the co-founder and HR Head (Punjab zone). He is also the National Cordinator for the company. He has a tremendous experience in management and being the National Cordinator, utilises it to ensure a smooth running of the company in an organised and a profession...